Black Desert Mobile – Awakened classes revealed for mobile MMORPG

Teased just a couple of days ago, Pearl Abyss today officially revealed the awakening system for its hit mobile MMORPG, Black Desert Mobile. Before the reveal, there were rumors that a new awakening system, different from the PC version, will be introduced with each class having 2 advancement paths to choose from. However, that is far from the truth, as the awakened classes do mirror those found in Black Desert Online. However, Pearl Abyss has given each of the awakened classes a new name, which is something different.

While I am not very sure of the exact translation, here are the names which I can make out vaguely. Warrior awakens into Berserker; Ranger awakens into Windwalker; Giant awakens into Destroyer; Witch awakens into Archmage; Valkyrie awakens into Lancer; Sorceress awakens into Reaper; Dark Knight awakens into Darkness; Musa awakens into… Sky Wolf (天狼). Pearl Abyss claims that they will update pre-awaken classes in the future as well.