Zombie War Z – Fight for the survival of humanity in new mobile strategy game

[Pre-register] Ludic Games, the publisher behind the really awesome Red Stone 2, recently announced Zombie War Z, its new mobile title. Zombie War Z is a strategic RPG based on humanity’s fight for survival against the undead hordes by building a strong team. Heroes whom are available to be recruited in Zombie War Z comes in all shapes and sizes, from robots to Taoist Priests to demon slayers, reflecting the game’s gritty world overview.

Players who pre-register will receive Limited Edition Zombie Units, Rare Gear and Arcane Potions when Zombie War Z launches worldwide on Google Play and App Store. Team up with your Guild Mates in absolutely massive Zombie World War battles, where your Guild will battle both the undead and competing guilds for Territorial Control to produce vital resources necessary for survival! More features are found below. Get ready to survive!

CREATE or JOIN a Zombie or Human Guild! Embark on Guild Missions!

ADVANCE through 200 Story Battles & Solve the Mysterious Zombie Outbreak!

COLLECT over 70 Legendary Heroes, Elite Soldiers & Behemoth Zombies!

BUILD and REINFORCE your Fortress, a Safe Haven from the Horde!

DISPATCH units on Plunder PvP, wreak havoc and steal Resources!

BATTLE in Daily Battles, Infinite Dungeon Tower, Hero War, Guild Raid & More!

PARTICIPATE in exciting Real-Time World Raids & Guild World War!