ROSE Online Mobile – Mobile MMORPG based on classic IP announced for Japan

Back in July, I posted about how ROSE Online, otherwise known as Rush On Seven Episodes, is still active in Japan with a dedicated company known as ROSE Online Japan Inc still taking care of the game. The same company recently announced a new mobile game based on the ROSE Online IP titled “ROSE Online: Dreaming Goddess and Star’s Journey”, which we will just shorten to ROSE Online Mobile. A wave of nostalgic memories hit me, as the seven planets are still part of the game’s lore! Will we get to see all of them this time?

There are 4 base classes announced for ROSE Online Mobile, including Rogue, Soldier, Mage, and Gunner. It seems that the crafter classes, including Bourgeois and Artisan, are left out and replaced by the Gunner. While the cart system (along with the tons of skins) can still be found in ROSE Online Mobile, the Castle Gear robots are so far not mentioned.

Also seen in the debut screenshots are pets, which I can’t remember being in the PC version of the game. Players can also expect a large variety of character costumes, along with epic fights with gigantic bosses. ROSE Online has been running on the PC for around 14 years now, hopefully the first mobile MMORPG based on this classic IP will do it justice!