ROSE Online Japan – New map based on Shibuya added as part of anniversary update

One of the most popular PC MMORPG back in the days, ROSE Online recently celebrated its 13th anniversary in Japan. To mark the milestone and celebrate the occasion, publisher ROSE Online Japan Inc updated the game with the new map, Shibuya, based on the real-live city famous for the Shibuya Crossing! The Shibuya update was also launched in tandem with a collaboration with local rock band, SECONDWALL, which started back in January.

Publisher (and most likely developer) ROSE Online Japan Inc was setup many years ago just to operate ROSE Online, and it has only 1 game thus far. To recap, ROSE Online (Rush On Seven Episodes Online) is a fantasy MMORPG with a really cool graphic design and great ideas such as crafting tons of robots and vehicles used for massive guild wars. The game was supposed to have 7 planets for players to explore, but I ain’t quite sure how many were eventually released in the various versions. The English server is now still up!