MARVEL Battle Lines – Nexon and Marvel launches new mobile strategic card game worldwide

Nexon and Marvel have launched MARVEL Battle Lines, a strategic card battle game featuring hundreds of iconic Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains, to mobile devices worldwide. The gameplay experience of MARVEL Battle Lines is set on a unique 3×4 grid, where players will compete with a custom deck of 12 character and ability cards and deploy them to the battlefield in order to defeat their opponent. MARVEL Battle Lines features an extensive single-player campaign with an original story crafted by Marvel writer Alex Irvine, real-time turn-based player vs player mode, limited time story events, and much more.

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Marvel fans can download MARVEL Battle Lines for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices. The expansive roster of iconic Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains in MARVEL Battle Lines includes fan favorites such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Venom, Squirrel Girl, Thanos, and more. Each card is brought to life with custom art created in collaboration with Marvel exclusively for MARVEL Battle Lines.

Marvel writer Alex Irvine has written an all-new original storyline for MARVEL Battle Lines which sets players on a quest to stop evil forces from collecting cosmic shards that have rained down on the earth. MARVEL Battle Lines’ intuitive gameplay allows players to battle effectively in single player and be competitive in player vs player from day one. Following the tutorial, players will begin to gather cards from each battle to build up their collection.

Players can build diverse decks of 12 cards featuring an array of powerful Super Heroes and Super Villains as well as a range of unique powers and abilities. Players must master a deck’s strategy and upgrade their cards to take on greater challenges in the story modes and to compete with the best in PvP. In addition to the original story, an array of activities will revisit many classic Marvel storylines and events to challenge and reward players.