TERA – Interview with SEA server publisher Playwith SEA

[Game website] TERA SEA was recently announced by regional publisher Playwith SEA, the Southeast Asia branch of Korean games company Playwith. Many gamers in the region took this news by surprise due to many reasons, some being that the game is “too old” or “too late” and many others. While TERA is indeed powered by a previous generation engine in Unreal Engine 3, the game does not really show any signs of aging when compared with recent launches. We had a quick interview with Playwith SEA to find out more details!

Note: Playwith SEA also announced that TERA SEA will launch on 1st November!

Q: Why did Playwith SEA decide to publish TERA after the NA server has already been opened for several years?

A: As we all know in Southeast Asia, TERA has become one of popular game and widely spoken and because North America and Europe has opened TERA several years ago, which make many of those servers contain large number of SEA players up until now.

TERA often update their game with new content all the time, which make both content and system always so amazing. Playwith see that opportunity and decide to publish TERA for opened in SEA, this also will help upgrade our gaming industry in this region.

Q: Which countries are TERA SEA open to? At first thought, the whole of SEA comes to mind, but is there a confirmation?

A: Yes, the whole SEA region, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

We do not limited the region in SEA so, every gamers who want to play TERA can join our website and enjoy TERA SEA.

Q: Can Playwith SEA guarantee a better ping for SEA gamers? Afterall, TERA is an action-oriented MMORPG.

A: Since Playwith has been operated several games in SEA, such as Rohan SEA, Twelve Sky 2 SEA, so smooth connection is our key. With this ultimate gaming experience, players will enjoy this TERA SEA for sure.

The server location is in SEA region which can bring much better connection to SEA gamers than NA server. We guarantee TERA SEA will provide better connection than NA server.

Q: Is it accurate to say that TERA SEA will follow the content of TERA NA?

A: TERA SEA version is the same as all regions version include Korea and NA server. The developer use one version of game service so, there is not much different contents compare with other region version.

It may a little different due to the content update schedule. However, the SEA server will absolutely run the same version as the other servers.

Q: Given that TERA NA is already very far ahead, can we expect faster content updates for TERA SEA?

A: TERA SEA version that we will open, we can say this version is equivalent to TERA NA at least. As you know TERA NA is already far ahead, so fast content updates are the key.

For example, Awakening Part 2 was just updated in October and we might also include EP and Elin Brawler updates in the upcoming November launch.

Q: Players have voiced out about an error with the security software Xigncode which apparently records player data in TERA NA. Is this in TERA SEA as well?

A: Players shouldn’t be worry about this problem. Last January, we opened the Thailand version for TERA, where we use Xigncode as security software. Based on this past experience, there were no problems with Xigncode.

Also, our computer specifications here (in the publisher office) are not that much different from a typical SEA user’s specification. We also provide a customer service agent that will support players through our Facebook messenger, therefore we are confident that this problem will not happen to the SEA players.

Q: We understand that there are already SEA players in TERA NA for a period of time. Why should they move to the SEA server which opened late?

A: Even though TERA NA has been opened for several years now, we are confident that SEA players who played in TERA NA will likely come play TERA SEA, due to the versions being similar. In addition, SEA players would be comfortable playing with players from the same region/country and form teams to conquer the dungeons. Familiar communications and smooth internet connection will surely allow players to enjoy TERA SEA more.