Action Square – Korean studio announces 2 new mobile games for global market

Back in January, we first posted about Korean developer Action Square having 2 new mobile games in the works, Project G and Project E. The team behind Blade II today announced for both games, with Project G being titled Gigantic X and Project E titled Eternal Rhapsody. Gigantic X is an action sci-fi co-op shooter with a top-down camera view where players take the role of a mercenary completing missions for a mega corporation. Epic battles against robots, giant aliens, and more are all part of the whole package.

Next, there is Project E, or now known as Eternal Rhapsody. A different genre from Gigantic X, Eternal Rhapsody is a turn-based hero collection mobile RPG where 4 characters form the core active team. The rather generic game is enhanced by various new gameplay features, such as resource extraction and trading, and naval exploration! Both games will be launched globally, with Eternal Rhapsody aimed at a soft launch in Southeast Asia first.