Bless Online – Major new patch weeds out bugs and adds new dungeon content

[Steam Early Access] The Early Access phase for Bless Online gets a big patch today, introducing a host of improvements and new content. Patch brings with it the Migra Turris Elite dungeon for level 45 players, a new action control mode for most classes, increased dungeon loot, and tons of balance changes and bug fixes. This is one of several key patches leading up to the official launch of Bless Online later this year to the worldwide crowd.

To recap, Bless Online is a Buy-to-Play MMORPG – meaning gamers pay once to purchase the product, and never need to open the wallet again to keep enjoying all of its content. Neowiz Bless Studio is committed to making additional content patches free of charge for all its players, supporting the the game instead through optional cosmetic items and an optional subscription that adds things like XP boosts and exclusive costumes to a player’s account.

Bonus items like costumes and weapon skins can be bought with a currency called Lumena, which can also be earned in-game just by playing. “Always fair, never pay-to-win” is the motto of the entire Bless Online team, and it’s precisely why they’ve chosen to self-publish the game on Steam, rather than go with a third-party and give up control of such choices.