Black Desert – New underwater dungeons arrive in Korean server in summer update

Pearl Abyss and publisher Kakao Games today revealed Episode 3 of Black Desert’s summer update in South Korea. Titled “Mysteries of the Ocean”, 3 new underwater dungeons are introduced to players of different levels, ranging from low level to skilled, and the daredevils. These caves are designed to suit the spirit of summer, each with its own range of valuable loot for players to discover. Finally, there is a new raid boss at the end of the 3rd dungeon.

Seen below are the new dungeons along with the monsters which inhabit them, along with the mentioned raid boss which has a loot list of its own. It seems the rarest drop are powerful rings. A slew of summer events are also ongoing in Black Desert, including bonuses to players who play through the dungeons and players who are returning to the game.