Talion – Gamevil launches global Closed Beta phase for new mobile MMORPG

As the global pre-registration phase for Gamevil’s first self-developed mobile MMORPG, Royal Blood, is ongoing, the games company is not afraid to steal the game’s thunder by announcing the Closed Beta phase of yet another mobile RPG, Talion. First unveiled back in 2016 with tons of accolades as Project One, Talion can be considered a masterpiece of what the Unity platform could do compared to bigwigs such Unreal Engine 4 for mobile games.

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In Talion, players will step in a medieval fantasy world and perform large-scale missions with 360-degree camera angle capability that allows for dynamic movement during combat. From all across the world, players from different regions can combine their powers to take on co-op quests. Players can choose from the three characters and personalize their appearance with a wide range of customization features available for the overall physique.

Talion possesses a variety of Realm vs Realm (RvR) modes, where players can experience war content such as 5 vs 5 capture the flag mode and many more. In addition, players can stand together with their allies and defend their base in 20 vs 20 epic conquest battles. Talion also packs a large-scale Realm vs Realm (RvR) mode for up to 50 vs 50 players where 2 sides race to defeat a horde of monsters and the boss monster before each other.