Darkness Rises – Pre-registration begins in selected Southeast Asia countries

[Pre-register now] Nexon today announced the pre-registration phase of Darkness Rises in selected Southeast Asia countries, the new mobile action role-playing game from Nexon Korea. Darkness Rises blends innovative gameplay, rich story, gorgeous visuals and intense battles to engulf players in the game’s dark and gritty medieval world. Interested players can pre-register for Darkness Rises today for iPhone and Android at the Nexon website.

Darkness Rises lets players descend into the fiery pits of The Underworld to battle hordes of ferocious demons obsessed with escaping the darkness to ravage the world’s peaceful inhabitants. Players can choose from a variety of playable characters boasting unique abilities, such as the earth-shattering Berserker and magic-wielding Wizard to decimate fearsome foes with a flurry of powerful skills, and not forgetting the Warrior and Assassin.

Darkness Rises’ unique gameplay features intuitive console-inspired mechanics that translate flawlessly to mobile. Players will juggle through various weapons, skills and rideable monsters to develop unique strategies and tactics to deploy against formidable enemies. Co-op modes allow players from around the globe to charge head-first into challenging PvE battles; or compete against the world’s best in the daunting PvP arena.

Darkness Rises’ compelling boss fights, beautiful art style and visuals, imposing dungeon raids, and innovative gameplay combine to create a unique mobile action-RPG worthy of both the most experienced dungeon crawling master and new players alike. Players that pre-register will earn exclusive digital bonuses from the Darkness Rises pre-registration event during official launch, worth over USD 30.00 if all milestones are achieved.