Lineage M – New version of mobile MMORPG in development for overseas markets

Lineage M is NCsoft’s top earning product since it launched in South Korea and Taiwan, and the mobile MMORPG today celebrated its first anniversary. In an extravagant media event, NCsoft lauded the game’s achievements, and announced that a new “global version” of Lineage M is now in development for overseas markets, singling out Japan, North America, and China. NCsoft stressed that this “all new” version is not simply a localization, and will share more details in the future. Will NCsoft finally find global success with this new plan?

There is also something major announced for the original version of Lineage M. A new class exclusive to the mobile MMORPG, Gunman, was revealed. NCsoft confirmed that more unique content exclusive to Lineage M is in the works, hence making a clean break from simply porting content over from the PC version. However, a staple feature of the Lineage IP, Dragon Raid, will be making its way to Lineage M. Finally, with advancements in technology, the PC version of Lineage will get a HD face-lift update in the near future.