Boss Key Productions – Studio behind LawBreakers shuts down

Shortly after launching the battle royal known as Radical Heights, studio co-founder Cliff Bleszinski has announced that Boss Key Productions has closed it doors. Formed 4 years ago to build a “billion dollar IP”, LawBreakers failed miserably both before and after launch, with less than 10 players online at a time despite being a global title. Radical Heights was meant to capture the popularity of the battle royale genre, but apparently it came too late.

Boss Key Productions’ public image was not helped by the brash personality of Cliff Bleszinski, who obtained a mini-fortune having left Epic Games after a takeover by Tencent. He is usually seen flying private planes, taking expensive trips with his friends, and mouthing off competitors and publicly dissing their products. Radical Heights is still being sold on Steam and will remain online for now, but the future of LawBreakers is uncertain.