Gardius Empire – Gamevil launches new strategic medieval mobile RPG worldwide

Formerly known as A.C.E (Alliances of Champions and Empires), Gardius Empire is the collaboration project of Gamevil and Dragonfly in 2018. In case the name Dragonfly rings a bell, they are the creators of the legendary shooter series Special Force. Due to this team-up of 2 big Korean companies, Gardius Empire is expected to become one of the largest games in the companies’ history. Gardius Empire is now available on both mobile platforms.

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In Gardius Empire, players will enter a world of medieval gods and heroes and embark a battle-riddled adventure to re-write the fate of this kingdom.  The battles in the Gardius Empire are epic, as humans and gods ally themselves against Gronos, and regain the Gaia power stone. This is a heavy-tactical game where players must combine the base and the stronghold with collecting the heroes of various attributes to build an ultimate army.

Gardius Empire brings in more than 350 heroes divided into four attributes: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. Players must collect a lot of material to be able to develop heroes in their team, in addition to upgrading and strengthening the bases.  You can join a guild to train heroes and be ready for bigger battles. All these features in a tactical RPG game seems a little bit “greedy” yet would be a formidable “empire” for players to explore and experience.