Fractured Lands – Post-apocalyptic battle royale with focus on vehicular warfare announced

[Closed Beta registration] Fractured Lands, a new first-person shooter, last-man-standing game, will launch on PC in paid Steam Early Access this summer. The game is developed by Unbroken Studios, a team of veterans who worked on franchises including Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty. Fractured Lands is an intense, drive-to-survive death-match where the sound of pounding hearts is drowned out by the roar of a sea of engines.

Strewn across a post-apocalyptic wasteland lie weapons, gear, and fuel players need to be victorious. Beat down, gun down, and run down others to be the final one standing. Rise from the ashes of a world gone mad and become a deadly road warrior. Out-drive and out-gun a myriad of survivors in high-octane multiplayer manhunts where vehicular warfare injects a breakneck sense of speed and strategy into the Battle Royale landscape.

Your vehicle is your greatest weapon, strongest armor and lifeline out in the wastelands. It can be mounted with scavenged upgrades, carry surplus inventory, and be used to mow down the competition. This makes it as integral to the experience as conventional arms, so stick to your ride, or even steal someone else’s wheels if you have to! In a broken world, danger comes from all directions. Stay alert to the rev of distant engines, gunfire, and the fall of approaching footsteps. Savage wastelanders hunt you down from every angle.

You’ll need to keep an eye and ear out to take them on before they take you out. Knowing when to put pedal to the metal or jump out on foot is a calculated risk you must make. Scavenge weapons, armor, upgrades, and fuel. Stalk your enemies or make for cover and lay in wait. But don’t overlook the radioactive storm raging on the horizon. It closes in with each passing minute and will choke out even the toughest competitor. Stay very alert!

Whether battling the elements of nature or other wastelanders, the objective remains the same: stay alive by any means necessary in this every-man-for-himself demolition derby.


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