Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed – Collaboration event with Dynasty Warriors 9 goes live

Time really flies, as it has been a year since Nexon Korea launched the mobile action RPG, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, to the worldwide audience. To celebrate the anniversary, Nexon today announced a special in-game collaboration event with the popular console game, Dynasty Warriors 9! This special event delivers tons of new content for players, including new popular characters, challenges, and gameplay features. Download now!

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Full details of this event include:

· Xin Xianying – The highly anticipated character, also known as “The Wise Heroine” and “The Grace of Jin” arrives as the latest addition to the Dynasty Warriors universe;

· Epic Attacks – Xin Xianying can use two Legendary weapons: Orchid Cleaver or Silken Illusion, and wipe out enemies with her ‘Falling Blossom’ Musou Attack;

· New Story Chapter – Chapter 10, “The Northern Expedition: Battle of Mount Dingjun!” is now playable;

· Guild Assault – Guilds can now compete in an epic war for ancient China’s most prosperous cities.

Players can also participate in several anniversary events, including a Dynasty Warriors 9 collaboration mode. Players who recruit Xin Xianying up until Friday, April 20 will be awarded a 6★ Anniversary Chest (Gold). Train Xin to Level 90 for 5 Sacred Skill Scrolls (L) and transcend her for 1 piece of Arcane Ore. The “Red Star” Edicts in the “Edict & Chest” menu allow players to recruit transcended Officers (1★~6★) all starting with Level 60!