Blazing Core – Alpha keys available for stunning team-based tactical mecha shooter

Developed by indie Russian outfit OctoBox Interactive using Unreal Engine 4, Blazing Core is a PC team-based tactical shooter featuring mecha knights. Players are able to adjust their mecha to fit their chosen playstyle, combine their abilities with those of their teammates during battles, and cooperate with other players and use various tactics to fight giant battle machines. We have 500 Alpha test keys to give out right here for Blazing Core!

[keys id=52032]

Note: Key can only be claimed on a PC web browser, not mobile browser.

Steps to claim the key on Steam and download Blazing Core:

1. Open up your Steam program

2. On the top left side, click on “Games” and choose “Activate a Product on Steam”

3. Follow the guide and enter the key

Key features of Blazing Core:

1. The fusion of chivalry and giant robots

2. Your skills at combining the character’s abilities effectively are more important than your reflexes

3. Choosing your mech-hero doesn’t limit your actions on the battlefield. You, and only you, decide what to do, based on your team’s tactics or heat of the moment

4. You can customize and upgrade your mech-hero. Unlocking new weapons lets you fine tune your mech according to your play style and adds gameplay variety

5. Mindless rushes are crushed by teamwork and tactics, while smart mech-hero synergy gives teams a real edge in combat