ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest – More gift codes from Saitama sensei have arrived

ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest is celebrating its belated 100-day anniversary since the official launch! Saitama sensei, the game’s titular One Punch Man, feels that more people should take part in the festivities, just like the num3ber of hot pot ingredients. So, he has persuaded the team at ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest to provide gift codes to keep the 100-day anniversary celebrations going! More details about the codes are found below.

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Items in gift code:

– Gold x 30,000
– EXP Soda I x 8
– Grocery Token x 1

Gift code expiry date: 3 November, Tuesday, 11:59 PM

The code can be easily claimed in-game with 2 simple steps, has shown in the image below. Claim the code before the expiry date, or Saitama sensei will not be pleased!