Blazing Core – Quick look at new Alpha phase gameplay

First introduced here yesterday, we got to try out the 3 vs 3 AI mode for Blazing Core just a couple of hours ago. Developed by indie studio OctoBox Interactive using Unreal Engine 4, the game focuses on mech battles in enclosed arena maps (although there is only 1 now). Each mech has its own unique abilities, but players should be able to customize them in future builds. We are quite impressed by how mighty the mechs look in default mode.

Blazing Core’s gameplay is really straightforward in this current Alpha build, with the aim of defeating all enemies or capturing a single point. There is also a 6 vs 6 live mode which is apparently not available in the game yet, hence we did not record footage of the live 3 vs 3 battles. We cannot really compare Blazing Core to other titles such as MechWarrior Online yet since it is only in Alpha, but we do have high hopes for it. Stay tuned for more updates!