FortCraft – NetEase launches beta phase of new mobile title with elements from popular games

NetEase is currently the king of legal copycats in the gaming market now, as its various battle royale mobile games have seen huge success within China and also in the Western market with Rules of Survival and Knives Out. Today, the Chinese developer announced the beta phase for its latest mobile survival game, FortCraft. As you might have guessed from the title, FortCraft contains closely similar gameplay elements from Fortnite and MineCraft.

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In FortCraft, players are given the freedom to craft and build structures in the game world to help them survive. In order to build structures, players must scavenge for resources and destroy items in the world to gain materials in which they can build whatever their mind can think of, from houses to forts, in order to defend from enemy fire. Crafting and construction has been designed from the ground up for mobile users in the 4 x 4 KM map.

FortCraft gives players the option to pre-build a construction pre-game that then can be built with the tap of a button once in game allowing players to have a go-to construction for defense. This allows players to focus on the fighting and not worry about carefully laying out defenses if they do not wish to. Can you survive the onslaught of 99 other players?

Players will discover a wide array of weaponry to utilize from assault rifles to RPGs. One major weapon of note is the flamethrower which provides a fiery solution to close range encounters. Deadly traps can be placed to take on others too using weapons such as the dance pad to place foes in danger. NetEase has developed FortCraft to be as accessible as possible and the game will run on many older smartphones to be as inclusive as possible.

Players can team up in team mode and play with friends across the world in dedicated servers on mobile devices. FortCraft will come with the ability for players to voice chat in game increasing the level of teamwork that can be achieved. The intuitive mobile controls will allow pinpoint accuracy in combat and the ease of movement when dodging fire or building. The beta phase for FortCraft is now available on Google Play and App Store.