Cosmo Duel – Closed Beta begins for casual PVP match-3 puzzle mobile game

Embark on a cosmic, star-crushing mission in Cosmo Duel, Gamevil’s new mobile game which recently entered Closed Beta worldwide (except China) until 26 March. A PVP match-3 puzzler, Cosmo Duel not only features real-time PVP for players around the globe, but also has over 100 levels of epic puzzle battles and 8 avatars to choose from. Developer Kong Studios previously made Dungeon Link, which proved to be a worldwide success.

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While 1 vs 1 competitive play is a core feature of Cosmo Duel, the game still delivers an immersive PVE experience through sublime audio and visual effects that compels players to discover new galaxies while collecting and customizing several avatars. Controls optimized for single-handed play also enables players to easily switch and match through countless levels and win unique action items such as Vertical Bomb, Meteor, Spaceship and more.