MU Legend – New Spellbinder class is now available in action MMORPG

[Play free now] Global games developer and publisher Webzen recently launched the new Spellbinder class for its action MMORPG, MU Legend. The Spellbinder is the 5th playable class available in the game, and her arrival provide all players with a new gameplay experience. A support mage, MU Legend’s newest class uses wide-area crowd control and devastating spells to defeat enemies. Her skill set is perfect for both PVE and PVP as well.

While the Spellbinder is the highlight of today’s release, Webzen has also announced several important additions to the game, starting with a new dungeon: Lupa’s Ancient Archive. The dungeon accompanies an upgrade of the existing Epic dungeons, which introduces 5 new difficulty levels. Additional achievements, along with new Set and Mythic items, also await players. The update marks the start of a new Faction War season too!