Legacy of Atlantis – Pre-register now for new mobile MMORPG from Atlantica developer

[Pre-register now] Online games publisher Valofe recently announced its new mobile title, Legacy of Atlantis, which has started its pre-registration phase. A mobile action MMORPG, Legacy of Atlantis combines the elements of hero collection and real-time action combat to create the best mobile MMORPG there is. Other than enjoying the exciting battles, players can take part in co-op events with fellow guild members to obtain rare items, or take part in powerful boss raids with up to 4 other players. All these features take place in real-time!

Developed by Korean studio Ndoors (Atlantica, Goonzu), pre-registration events for Legacy of Atlantis begins right now until official launch, which is scheduled on 15 March. Players who participate in these events will receive essential starting items such as a Random Hero Ticket, a Random Weapon Ticket, and a level achievement compensation box. If you are looking for a new mobile MMORPG, remember to pre-register for Legacy of Atlantis!