MU Legend – Webzen reveals new Spellbinder class for upcoming game update

[Play free now] Global developer and publisher Webzen today announced that the new Spellbinder class will arrive in MU Legend this March. A support mage, the Spellbinder employs psychic power to strike foes with levitating swords and throwing weapons. Using AOE crowd control to confuse enemies and help allies, she plays an important role in parties, while powerful single-target direct hits mean she is highly capable in 1v1 battles.

With strong mid-range attacks and mind-control spells in her arsenal, MU Legend’s newest class brings a unique skill set that will complement those of the existing characters. While preparations continue, the MU Legend team will be releasing a developer’s note with more details on the Spellbinder in the coming weeks. The team has also implemented gameplay improvements since launch from based on community feedback, with more on the horizon.