Ghostbusters World – New AR mobile game based on classic franchise announced

Following the global success of Pokémon Go, there are currently several augmented reality (AR) games based on popular IPs in development, such as Harry Potter. Next in line is Ghostbusters, with Korean publisher 4:33 announcing Ghostbusters World today as part of Google’s ARCore announcement. Developed by partner studio NextAge, Ghostbusters World “features the latest in AR and other mobile technologies and differentiates itself with skill-based gameplay and numerous other exciting features yet to be announced.” Sounds cool!

Ghostbusters World will enable players to battle and capture hundreds of ghosts from all dimensions of the franchise, including the films, TV shows, comic books, theme parks, and video games. The game will also feature new and unique ghosts to the franchise! The game is set to launch on iOS and Android devices in 2018. More details regarding Ghostbusters World will be revealed at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) next month.