Counter-Strike Online 2 – Military online shooter terminated in 3 Asian countries

Nexon recently announced the closure of Counter-Strike Online 2 in South Korea, with the final update held on 22 February. New characters can no longer be created, with in-game purchases stopped too. All services will then be terminated on 26 April after refunds are given out on 22 March. Nexon claimed the company was not able to continue providing better services to support game and players, hence the difficult decision was made.

The Taiwan server of Counter-Strike Online 2, under Gamania, will also be closing on 2 May, while the Japan server is shutting down really soon on 28 February. The game never made it to the English market due to Valve wanting players to stay in Global Offensive, and the only Counter-Strike Online 2 server left is in China. Interestingly, bonus items will be given to South Korean players who switch to Counter-Strike Online, serviced by Nexon.