Paragon – Developer admits Unreal Engine 4 MOBA is struggling for players

The future of Paragon, an Unreal Engine 4 MOBA developed by Epic Games, seems to be in jeopardy as an internal staff admitted resources have been shifted to support the company’s other massive hit game, Fortnite. In an official Reddit post, the staff admitted the core community hasn’t been large enough to achieve mainstream success despite having several major updates. While the team searches for a solution, updates for Paragon will slow down. If you have yet to try the Free-to-Play game, we suggest you do so now!

Meanwhile, after introducing the Battle Royale mode to Fortnite after being “inspired” by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Epic Games recently announced the game now has over 40 million registered players, and over 2 million playing together at the same time. We doubt any plans to save Paragon will be able to achieve this number. But, wait a minute, what if they add this Battle Royale mode into Paragon as well… Only time will tell!


  1. OMG
    Such graphics of Paragon
    IN a BattleGround game.
    Now imagine a BATTLEGROUND with diferentes magics … and not guns …
    Staffs, pretty hard to do, and very nice to have a game like this on my epic launcher.

  2. Of course, I played paragon the graphics are amazing, but the characters lacks charisma and the gameplay is slow paced. If paragon was fast paced action combat and had characters more interesting like the league of legends characters, would be awesome.

    And the battle royale is just a phase.


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