PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Korean popstar signs on as professional esports player

While many school students in South Korea these days are aspiring to become professional esports players, it is definitely a first to hear that an established Korean pop star has switched gears to become one. Jung Joon-young, a 28 year old singer-songwriter and actor, recently revealed he had joined the PUBG squad under esports organization, Team Kongdoo. You might heard of Team Kongdoo’s League of Legends team, Kongdoo Monsters.

It is unknown if Jung has left the entertainment industry full-time to play PUBG, since his label C9 Entertainment is also involved in the deal as well. We shall see in the future if this is just a marketing ploy, or if this is for real. Jung will join a professional PUBG team brimming with stars, including Evermore, winner of the Gamescom 2017 solo tournament.


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