Bless Mobile – First look at Unreal Engine 4 mobile MMORPG

You may have heard of Joycity, as this Korean publisher has launched several games for the English market, including the PC basketball online title, Freestyle, and also mobile titles such as Game of Dice. Earlier today, the Korean HQ held a media conference to showcase 3 new mobile games it is intending to launch South Korea this year, and the most glaring is perhaps Bless Mobile. Based on Bless Online created by Neowiz, this mobile MMORPG is developed by ThinkFun, a subsidiary studio under Joycity. Take a look at the debut trailer!

Powered using Unreal Engine 4 (the PC version is using Unreal Engine 3), Joycity claims Bless Mobile will only utilize the settings of Bless Online while introducing a brand new world view and story. ThinkFun mentioned Bless Mobile is being developed as “a game with completely different game characteristics from the original.” Expect major differences in terms of combat and content! Scheduled to launch in South Korea in the second half of 2018, Bless Mobile is currently optimized for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Apple iPhone 6S.