Metro Conflict: The Origin – Brief gameplay during final hours of Closed Beta 2

[Steam page] After years of trying to launch Metro Conflict in the Western market with regional partners, Korean developer Red Duck has finally decided to launch the sci-fi online FPS through Steam itself. Renamed as Metro Conflict: The Origin, basically there are 2 warring factions: the powerful authoritarian United Security Service (USS) and the rebels who are against tyranny, People’s Liberation Front (PLF). Both are fighting over food resources which have become scarce due to the eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano.

During this Closed Beta 2 which just ended, we managed to try out the 2 AI bot modes, but sadly only 1 of the 2 live player modes. Generally, players can choose from any characters at the start, and subsequently switch between any of them during the re-spawn period. Each character has his or her own unique weapons and skills, although weapons can be switched by picking up those from fallen foes and allies when bullets run out. I can’t seem to find a safe haven to refill resources, hence we tend to die alot during this first gameplay.

Extreme Domination (EXD) is the live 6 vs 6 mode which we managed to try out, where teams must secure the “Marker” and bring it to an area to activate it till 100%. As mentioned, we were unable to try the 2nd mode, Special Ops (there are 3 modes within), but will try to record some videos of it when Metro Conflict: The Origin goes live again. Characters level up the more you use them, which in turn unlocks achievements possibly new weapons. Players might also be thrown into a match which has already started.

The cash shop of Metro Conflict: The Origin has quite a number of categories and items, although some are still blank during Closed Beta phase. You can buy characters, weapons, skins, booster items, packages, and many more. Metro Conflict: The Origin is a very easy game to pick up, especially for those with FPS experience. Stay tuned for the launch!