Luna Mobile – Quick look at early version of new Chinese mobile MMORPG

Just to be clear, there are currently 2 mobile games based on Luna Online developed in China, with both claiming to have obtain official rights from IP owner EYA Interactive. The one which we tried out, Luna Mobile, seems to be in an early test phase with no publishers confirmed yet. We will give the other one, Luna M, a spin later as well. Apologies if you aren’t familiar with Luna Online, but it was such a sleeper-hit PC MMORPG back in the days, be it in Southeast Asia or the Western market. So how does Luna Mobile fare here?

Graphics wise, Luna Mobile looks pretty similar to the PC version, and you either hate the dated but colorful world or just simply love it. A couple of key features, such as costumes, mounts, pets, and player housing, successfully made their way into Luna Mobile, which we feel is an incredible feat. Perhaps due to being early in the levels and the test duration was so short, combat and questing doesn’t seem too exciting alone, and we couldn’t find anyone to join us in the instanced dungeons. In fact, there weren’t anyone around at all.

There were several fun features which were unavailable, such as mount racing, roller-coaster riding, dating, and more. Since this is just an early look at the game, hopefully a local publisher is found and we will definitely dive back in again when Luna Mobile officially launches in China. Stay tuned for more information about the other Luna mobile title!


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