Master X Master – NCsoft is shutting down MOBA no one asked for

Less than 5 months after launch, NCsoft today has thrown in the tower and announced the closure of its MOBA title, Master X Master. The game server will be brought down on 31 January next year. NCsoft claimed the decision was made after “it came down to a matter of business—we explored several options, but none of them were sustainable.” NCsoft has certainly over-estimated itself trying to take on the MOBA market with such a game.

If you ask us, NCsoft shouldn’t have localized Master X Master in the first place, since it is not exactly working in South Korea or China as well. Basically, it is a game no consumer asked for. NCsoft, lagging massively behind its competitors in terms of esports and mobile games in the global market, have much catch up to do moving into 2018. The future still looks bright though, with Project TL, Blade & Soul II, Aion Tempest, and Lineage II M on the horizon.


    • Indeed, there is zero originality and these poor LoL copies will always fail. Making a successful MOBA is easy, it just has to stand out from the rest. What we need is a 3rd MOBA like Paragon, except instead of those ugly heroes, replace them with anime waifus. I’d spend hundreds personally for such a game. Don’t underestimate the spending power of us weebs. Take Shadowverse for example, like Hearthstone, but with waifus, and Cygames is making a killing anually – $100+ million.

  1. this is just hilarious,they gave patches to it or fixes so slow, no content updates,bored to hell, messt up ranked system. “oh ok we wont fix anything rather just shut down the game like true retards” man i hate ncsoft ,there just pure retarded


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