Europa – Tencent Games reveal next-gen battle royale title

Even though Tencent Games acquired the China publishing rights for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently, the gaming giant had long been working on a battle royale PC online game, Europa. Developed by Aurora, a Tencent internal studio responsible for creating some of the most advanced and beautiful online games in China, Europa is crafted using an in-house next-generation engine, QuickSilverX. The gameplay, as mentioned, is pretty similar. You are left on a deserted island and picking whatever is around for survival.

Weather plays a huge part in Europa, as different conditions will affect the environment and players differently. This is the same for the active day and night cycle. Environmental objects, such as walls, buildings, trees, and more, can also be destroyed by players for tactical advantages. Tencent has yet to announce a launch schedule, but it has already prepared a Steam page for the Chinese version. Perhaps a Western server is in the works?



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