Dragon Project – New co-op mobile action RPG launches worldwide

goGame, a subsidiary of SEGA based in Southeast Asia, recently announced the global launch of its new co-op mobile action RPG, Dragon Project. Crafted by Colopl, the studio behind White Cat Project (Colopl Rune Story), Dragon Project has a more mature theme. Players take on the role of Hunters in Heiland, a fantasy kingdom overrun by monsters.

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Hunters must battle these ferocious monsters and gather precious materials to forge and upgrade weapons and armor. The game features real-time multiplayer co-op play and intense monster-slaying action, and uses COLOPL’s signature one-touch controls, which allows anyone to play the game easily and intuitively with just one finger.

To bring Dragon Project to the world, goGame spent months culturalizing the game and enhancing the user experience. This includes the translation of over 1.8 million Japanese text into English, the introduction of new characters, as well as the optimization of the app functions. Dragon Project also features goWrap, an in-house tool that makes it easy for players to access FAQs, connect with the community on social media, or get game support.