Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds – Battle royale mobile game begins pre-registration in selected countries

[Google Play pre-register] If you happen to miss out on the article title, pre-registration for Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds is limited to some countries and a full list was not provided. In-development by Vietnamese studio Horus Entertainment, Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds is a battle royale mobile game similar to the hit PC game now, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Due to the smaller screen, however, there are certain changes made.

Instead of having 100 players, Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds is currently capped at 20 players battling out in the same map. There will be many types of guns, protective gears, consumable items (medic kits etc), terrains and buildings, matchmaking system, multi-languages, character customization, parachuting, and many more. This is impressive!

According to a roadmap from Horus Entertainment, the team plans to increase the max number of players from 20 to 40, add in a weather system, vehicles (this is important), spectator mode, tournaments and seasons, a larger map size, voice chat, and also clans. No word if all these will be ready during official launch, so stay tuned for updates!