Shadowverse – Global collaboration with Fate/stay night movie announced

[Download on Steam] Japanese game developer Cygames recently announced a collaboration with the anime and music production company Aniplex that will see characters from Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel appear in Shadowverse, its hit digital card game. Shadowverse is currently available on PC via Steam, on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on Google Play for Android devices.


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From September 28, Shadowverse players worldwide will be able to get their hands on character skins, card sleeves and emblems based on characters from the upcoming movie, Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel. As a daily bonus campaign to celebrate the collaboration, anyone who logs in to the game during the event period will receive an in-game bonus for a total of 10 days’ worth of freebies.

As part of the collaboration the following Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel characters will appear in Shadowverse (listed with their in-game character class):

1. Saber (Dragoncraft)
2. Archer (Forestcraft)
3. Illya (Havencraft)
4. Saber Alter (Shadowcraft)
5. Rider (Bloodcraft)
6. Lancer (Swordcraft)
7. Rin (Runecraft)

While Shadowverse is free to download and play on all platforms, some of the content related to Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel may require additional in-game purchases, and the final details of the collaboration may be subject to change (including names and characters appearances). Final details about the collaboration will be unveiled on and via the in-game newsfeed.