Dynasty Warriors: The Movie – Teaser photos of actors in costumes

We first reported on Dynasty Warriors: The Movie back in July, and now it has been around 7 weeks since the movie started shooting in China. Featuring an all-star cast from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, several new photos were posted on Weibo (the main social media platform of China). However, only Ray Liu‘s Yuan Shao character was fully exposed, with the rest being teasers.

Ray Liu as Yuan Shao

Seen below are the teaser photos for Cao Cao, portrayed by Wang Kai. There is no frontal shot yet, and I guess the team is waiting for a full reveal only when shooting has been completed. This goes to the same as Louis Khoo‘s Lu Bu and Han Geng‘s Guan Yu. Veteran actress Carina Lau was also announced for an original character exclusive to the movie. Stay tuned for more updates!

Wang Kai as Cao Cao
Left: Louis Khoo as Lu Bu; Top right: Guan Yu and Zhao Yun (?); Bottom right: Guan Yu, Liu Bei, and Zhang Fei with director and a staff