Shin Sangoku Musou – Koei Tecmo announces new mobile game based on popular franchise

Over the weekend, Koei Tecmo made several announcements for its popular Dynasty Warriors/ Sangoku Musou series of games. One of the new mobile titles revealed was 真・三國無双, or Shin Sangoku Musou. It is rather odd not to give the mobile game a subtitle, perhaps it will change down the road. Rather than renting out the IP and development task to questionable overseas studios, Shin Sangoku Musou is made by Koei Tecmo’s subsidiary, Omega Force, the team which made Dynasty Warriors games from the very beginning.

One of the main features of Shin Sangoku Musou is the ability to play the game either on landscape or portrait mode by tilting, something which might seem odd at first. In case you did not know, portrait games are more popular in Japan as people taking public transport could hold on to support with one hand while gaming with the other. Koei Tecmo also boasts that players could change outcomes in the story mode by making different choices. There is online co-op as well! Closed Beta begins in Japan this October for 5,000 users.