Dynasty Warriors: The Movie – Filming for live action movie begins

From time to time, the team at MMO Culture might stumble upon news unrelated to multiplayer or online gaming, but would still like to share with the masses. According to various accounts on Sina Weibo and the local entertainment media websites, the China version of Twitter, filming has started for Dynasty Warriors: The Movie, based on the gaming franchise by Koei Tecmo.

Director Roy Chow stating the film has been in preparation for the past 8 months, and filming will take the next 6 months. Photos and videos are showing the crew getting the shooting location and props ready.

Dynasty Warriors: The Movie is directed by Hong Kong director Roy Chow, and will apparently have a cast comprising of stars from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The full list of actors and actresses have yet to be made official, but rumors are pointing towards Han Geng as Guan Yu, Wang Kai as Cao Cao, Louis Khoo as Lu Bu, Tony Yang as Liu Bei, and Guli Nazha as Diao Chan.

Official logo for Dynasty Warriors: The Movie.

The movie is being made possible by the efforts of HMV Digital China Group Ltd, whose Chairman Junior Shiu claimed on Sina Weibo he had been in talks with Koei Tecmo for around 3 years to obtain the rights to film Dynasty Warriors. Preparations had been ongoing for the past 8 months, and director Roy Chow stated filming will be taking place over the next 6 months.

Sina Weibo posting by Chairman of HMV Digital China, Junior Shiu, on the shooting of Dynasty Warriors: The Movie finally getting started.