Toykart – Casual mobile racing game launching soon in SEA region

[Pre-register now] Developed by Korean studio Axiasoft, Toykart is a new casual mobile racing game set to launch under PlayPark in Southeast Asia later this month. From what we have seen, Toykart is arguably the closest mobile game to Mario Kart for consoles, as players are able to disrupt opponents with a variety of items as they race along different tracks. Pre-registration is now live!


Other than the Mario Kart elements, players in Toykart are also able to upgrade their karts’ parts, such as the wheel and main body. There are tons of designs to choose from, be it from the cash shop or obtained through in-game achievements. There is also a pet system which provides support, an uncommon feature in racing games. Think of Toykart as a racing game with RPG elements!

Players start off first choosing from one of the many playable characters. Each character has a unique permanent passive which makes selection a tiny bit more strategic. Are you going to pick the one with more boosting power? Or perhaps the one with a better acceleration? The choice is totally yours! And not to forget, there is a live 6-player multiplayer PVP mode, as well as team co-op!