Mabinogi Mobile – Nexon announces new mobile MMORPG at player event

Over the weekend, Nexon Korea held an event to reveal details about Mabinogi’s upcoming update “Ring of Destruction”, which introduces the new Chain Blade weapon among other new features. Mabinogi Mobile was also announced! The game is described as a mobile MMORPG which lets players enjoy hunting, gathering resources, and engage in community activities. There is a much more light-hearted tone compared to most mobile RPG titles.

Another highlight of Mabinogi Mobile is the portrait-mode design, which is uncommon in South Korea for a mobile MMORPG title. Nexon Korea currently plans to launch Mabinogi Mobile in 2018, although details such as the launch season and potential overseas launch were not given. Mabinogi doesn’t have many fans outside of Asia currently, so it remains a doubt if Nexon will commit to a global launch. Stay tuned for more updates!