Mabinogi Duel – Guilty Gear invades mobile TCG in latest game update

Nexon recently announced it is collaborating with Japanese game developer Arc System Works to launch exclusive content from the developer’s widely-popular fighting game franchise Guilty Gear for Nexon’s smash-hit mobile trading card game (TCG), Mabinogi Duel. Players can experience new characters, deck boosters, special events and more, all based on the Guilty Gear franchise.


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The full list of updates includes:

Powerful Guilty Gear Hero Skins – Play as the fierce and gorgeous title characters from the Guilty Gear franchise including popular characters like Sol Badguy, Dizzy, May and Jam Kuradoberi;

Exquisite Deck Boosters – The content update unveils 27 all-new Creature Cards and 6 Spell Cards. These superior cards appear in duels and expresses fan-favorite dialogue from the original Guilty Gear story;

Guilty Gear Hero Launch – Beginning June 29, players can complete in-game objectives to acquire and use powerful Guilty Gear heroes;

Epic Arena Event – Improve your rank at the PvE Arena to earn Gems, Special Tickets and Boosters from July 2 through July 26;

Intense Battle Missions – Take on dueling missions with formidable opponents to earn valuable rewards;

New Special Edition Boosters Availability – Special Edition Boosters go on sale each week from June 29 through July 27. The new boosters include:

June 29 – Fairy: Yorma
July 6 – Tiny Hippo
July 13 – Angel: Mika
July 20 – Mage: 39-years-old;

Weekly Log-in Incentives – Log-in every Thursday and Sunday to receive 15 Gems and 2 Special Tickets weekly.