Phantasy Star Online 2 – Episode 5 and Hero class arriving this month

Revealed a couple of weeks ago by developer SEGA at the annual fan festival event, a new class known as Hero will be added in the Episode 5 update for Phantasy Star Online 2! Arriving on 26 July in the japan server, Hero is an advanced class, where certain requirements must be met before the option to access it is unlocked. Using the Hero class to its full effectiveness will also be a challenge!


Different from other classes, Hero is able to utilize 3 different weapons (sword, twin guns, talis), switching between them during battles. While players are free to stick to just 1 weapon, the most effective way is to switch around according to enemies and the map. The Hero class can also access a set of Hero skills (last part of video above), making it a truly unique class in Phantasy Star Online 2!