SEAL Mobile – Quick look at colorful new mobile MMORPG from LINE

Developed by Korean studio Funigloo based on SEAL Online by Playwith, which also made Dragonica Mobile, SEAL Mobile was recently launched by LINE in only Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. I suppose these 3 countries were chosen as the LINE app is most popular there. SEAL Online was also once a very popular PC MMORPG, with the global English server now still running.


To summarize, SEAL Mobile is a hero-collecting RPG, with automated action combat in a team of 1 to 5 heroes depending on the game mode. The normal adventure mode requires just 3 heroes and a pet, while others such as solo boss raid dungeon requires 5 heroes and a pet. Other than the solo dungeons, there is an open world system where quests, world bosses, and more exists.

Other than spending money on gacha to obtain new heroes, there are several free ways to get new ones. Quest rewards give a variety of summoning cards, along with fragments for rare heroes. Players can also combine selected heroes to get a specific rare hero. Furthermore, the free currency given when players first start the game is enough to gacha for a full team of 4-star heroes!

With both solo and open world where only 1 selected hero can be used, SEAL Online covers the best of both worlds. There are tons of game modes as well, covering from PVE to PVP, solo to groups and guilds (though I have yet to unlock them all). The colorful world, wacky monsters, huge wardrobe of costumes and iconic killer rabbits are some of the original elements in the PC version.