League of Legends – Major overhaul for China esports league announced

Posted earlier today on the verified competitive League of Legends Weibo account (largest social media platform in China) and official website, Tencent Games and Riot Games announced a couple of major changes starting from the LPL summer split, which begins in a few months. One of the major changes is the removal of relegation, and becoming a 14-team league. More information found below!

1. Starting from the 2017 summer split, the relegation system will be removed from LPL.

2. Starting from 2018 (which split wasn’t mentioned), there will be 14 teams competing in LPL

3. Starting from 2018 (which split wasn’t mentioned), slots for the LPL teams will become permanent to “build a brand new ecosystem” (there are still rules to follow, and serious infractions will still cause teams to lose their spots)

4. More teams might be added to the 14 in the future

5. All current LPL teams will go through reviews to confirm their permanent slots for the new format

6. LPL teams will be provided with guidance to increase their value

7. Interested corporations or individuals who are financially sound, with management experience, a passion for eSports are welcomed to apply for any available LPL slots

8. Starting from 2018 (which split wasn’t mentioned), LPL matches will take place in 3-5 different cities across China

9. LPL teams will now be categorize as “Home” and “Away” teams for each match

10. The plan is to allow home teams to improve fan and player experience, have its own arena, garner territorial honor, and work with local partners in each city