Monster Strike – English version of top Japan mobile game is closing

[Official announcement] With marketing efforts suspended back in August 2016 after its massive advertisement campaigns returned poor results, Japanese developer Mixi announced it is shutting down the English version of Monster Strike on 1 August. Despite earning hundreds of millions in its native Japan, Monster Strike proved to be a failure overseas, including China and South Korea.

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  1. this is exactly why i never play games made by japan (especially konami) they close their game as soon as their sales aren’t successful etc.

  2. I love gamevil for not throwing in the towel right away so often, and especially when they steal someone else’s idea and keep on truckin’! (Knight Slinger is basically their version of this)

    Japan’s been just too console-centric for too long, if they don’t start out on mobile these companies expect hundreds of millions the first month out.

    Taito and Psikyo at least license their shmups to be ported rather than assume the largest risk themselves.

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