PokéLand – Official mobile action RPG based on Pokémon revealed

Earlier today, The Pokémon Company revealed a new mobile game based on the Pokémon toys franchise in Japan, directly translated as PokéLand. Similar to Magikarp Jump, this mobile game is developed by a local indie studio, this time being Ambrella. According to the official website, there are a total of 6 islands, 52 stages, a 15-level battle tower, and 134 types of Pokémon to be captured!

As PokéLand is a casual mobile game, the typical action combat has been largely simplified, though there are still tense battles when confronting bosses. It was not stated which Pokémon players begin with, but most likely a choice will be given. The evolution system is also not mentioned, though players are encouraged to capture more of a similar Pokémon as some might have different skills learnt.

PokéLand is currently in the Alpha test, which lasts till 9 June. There are only 10,000 slot available for the Japanese gamers. As usual, only phones on the Android (Google Play) platform are eligible, with the game also requiring online connection. No other details were given, so stay tuned for updates!