Lineage M – Mobile MMORPG based on classic game launching this June

Developed by NCsoft based on the still-popular PC online game, Lineage, it was announced recently that Lineage M will launch in South Korea on June 21, with players able to start creating characters via the game website right now. NCsoft touted Lineage M has already garnered over 4 million pre-registrations up till May 14. Only one overseas server, Taiwan, has been confirmed thus far.


Lineage M is a direct port from the PC system to mobile devices, with the features and user interface optimized (Arc Selector to choose targets, etc) for a more convenient gameplay experience. NCsoft is not adding too many complicated systems at the start for players to upgrade their characters (just equipment upgrade now), as they would like the players to enjoy the core gameplay first.

The 4 playable classes include Knight, Elf, Prince, and Magician. It is unknown if only the Prince class is able to create a blood pledge (guild), similar to the PC version. Players are allowed to trade with each other, and there is an auction house as well! To facilitate conversation during team PVP, raids, or other features involving a party, a separate app known as MTalk can be downloaded.