Tencent – Gaming giant is building a massive eSports town in China

Chinese gaming giant Tencent recently agreed to build an eSports town in the city of Wuhu, China. Tentatively known as “Tencent eSports Town”, the area will consist of a eSports theme park, an eSports university, a cultural creative park, a comics and animation industrial park, an entrepreneurship community, a big data center, and will play host to other new technologies and businesses.

Tencent eSports Town will also hold regular eSports events, including QQJOY (Tencent Comics and Games Carnival) and QGC (QQ Mobile eSports Contest). Details such as a draft design, how big the area would be, and when would construction begin are currently unavailable. It seems like a chopped and signed deal, as the Wuhu government posted this news on its website a couple of days ago.