Total Clash – Nexon reveals new strategy war title for mobile devices

[Pre-register now] Nexon today announced a new strategy war game for mobile devices, Total Clash. The game is very similar to other top-grossing mobile titles such as Game of War and Clash of Kings. Fans of the strategy genre, and those who have yet to try any, can pre-register between now and Open Beta. Registrants will receive in-game items worth $25.00 USD once Open Beta begins.


War between opposing alliances is at the center of Total Clash as players engage in real-time strategy to build epic empires. Players must strengthen their forces by upgrading their buildings, producing resources and training their troops. When other empires try to take over, players carefully collaborate with allies to defend and protect their cities from enemy pillages. Total Clash also features:

· City construction: Players construct cities to expand their empire;

· Strategic warfare: Collaboration with allies will help protect cities and pillage enemies in grand-scale battles fought against multiple players;

· Alliance building: Players form alliances with anyone from around the world on the single global server;

· Fierce battles: Intense battles between alliances allow players to stake claim to the throne and become the hero of the many enemy empires.